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  • Professional looking reports
  • Time savings in generation
  • Logical flow
  • Very limited marketing (RadonReports.net)
  • Individual tracked
  • Color coded results
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Easy to read recommendation statements
  • Customizable
    • Multiple client support – Templates
    • Radon Mitigation Referral List
  • Secured watermarked table data
  • Automatic inserted graphical data

At RadonReports.net we understand the time consuming task many professionals are undertaking, cutting and pasting monitor results, manually filling in client data and converting documents to PDF’s to create radon test reports. Our clients have indicated what use to take them fifteen minutes the “old way” now takes only fifteen seconds using “new way”. With RadonReports.net the longest part of performing a radon test can be boxing up the equipment.

Say goodbye to the days of repetitive data entry, RadonReports.net builds the report while you go. Using a simply data upload method that works with the exported files generated from Sun Nuclear, Accustar and FetoTech Radon monitors. Report generation is easier than ever, it is easy as download, upload and you are done.

Key Report Features

  • Direct Upload Capabilities
  • Customizable Report Template/Logos
  • Watermarked for Data Security
  • 50 State Compliance
  • Professional Appearance

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