Radon Test Report Sample

RadonReports.net takes pride in producing the highest quality automatically generated professional looking Radon Test Reports available today; after all is in our name and it is what we do!  We understand that a Radon Test Report is the end-product that you are providing to your customer and it must look fantastic!  Our system effortlessly allows your business to go to the next level in radon test reporting, say goodbye to tiresome cutting and pasting of data!  RadonReports.net automatically reads uploaded CRM txt data files and other pertinent job fields to generate the Radon Test Report.  Mitigation recommendation statements are color coded and automatically applied for each respective report.  Complex situations such as one-above 4.0 and one-below 4.0 duplicate measurements are easily handled.  Differential recommendation statements for private part vs. real estate testing as required by testing code are automatically generated.  Here are just a few of the benefits found in the report generated by our system: 50 State approved reporting format, multiple monitor support, limited advertising, customizable with your desired logos, security enhanced water marked data, automatic generation of graphical charts, logical easy to read format, and much more…

Closed Building Conditions Form Sample

Often the Closed Building Conditions form is the first interaction your company has with a client or potential client and you know what they say… “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Our Closed Building Conditions forms are automatically customized with your desired company’s logo, your company’s information and automatically pre-filled in with the test site location address placement and retrieval technician(s) license numbers and job tracking number for each respective job. Additionally, RadonReports.net automatically attaches the Closed Building Conditions form as a PDF to the job notification e-mail generated by the system.

Job Packet Sample

Every job created in RadonReports.net generates a 4-page Job Packet that contains all the information required for staying organized start to finish. The first page provides Property Info such as: site address, occupancy status, property access procedures. Testing Info such as: start and end date and times, mitigation status, number or required monitors, delay start required, test type. Contact Info such as: name, phone numbers, email addresses, parties’ transaction role for up to two real estate agents, one client and one home inspector. Additionally, the first page also provides a convenient place for payment information to be recorded. The second page of the Job Packet provides a place to easily document monitor placement info, test site info, foundation info, cooling/heating info, mitigation system info and a general comments section. The third page provides a sketching field with easy-to-understand legend for documentation of the test location and monitor placement. The fourth page is a copy of the customized Closed Building Conditions form. RadonReports.net delivers the Job Packets directly to you via e-mail as a PDF.

State Submitting Export Sample

At RadonReports.net we know that your time is valuable and after a busy day of work manually logging testing data for state reporting is well… not high on the excitement list. Radonreports.net automatically complies with the required submitting report and worker’s exposure to radon as jobs are completed. Our Excel exports are up to date with ever-changing requirements such as IEMA’s mitigation system tag number reporting requirements. Submitting Reports are easily downloaded in XLS format.