Quality Controls


If you have 3 radon monitors or 300 monitors, keeping track of calibrations, cross-checks and duplicate measurements has never been simpler. Our direct file upload system makes logging quality data easier than ever. Control charts are automatically filled in and specific to each device logged in the system.

Duplicate control charts are automatically generated “behind the scenes” as jobs are completed. Simple search tools allow users to easily define date range parameters, to instantly glance at quality data records.

  • Calibrations
    • Alerts to notify when monitors are due for calibration.
    • Upload-able calibration certificate file cabinet for each monitor
  • Cross Checks
    • Alerts to notify when monitors are due for cross-checks.
      • 5 months, 6-7 month and past-due
      • Automatic control chart tracking
  • Duplicates
    • Automatic duplicate control chart tracking
    • Dashboard notification of your annual duplicate’s performed in percentage.