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Communication is key and timing is everything…

  • E-mail
    • Automatic sending of required pre-test notifications
    • Customized Closed building Conditions forms.
    • Testing schedule with your technician’s pictures

We understand that in the world of providing professional radon measurement there are some steps that just cannot be missed. Pre-notification of required Closed Building Conditions is essential. That’s is why RadonReports.net automatically notifies designated parties via e-mail of the intention to test a property. Customized e-mail’s that include a Closed Building Conditions form as an attached PDF, testing schedule information include your technician’s photos are sent automatically. Job communications logs are also automatically filled in to document who and when the notifications were sent to.

  • Text message
    • Automatic (configurable) sending of early test result notification via text messages

Have you ever had a client, real estate agent or attorney hounding you for the radon test results? At RadonReports.net, we understand that a majority of radon test performed today revolve around real estate transactions; as such, communication is key and timing is everything. Our system can automatically send out a preliminary pre-report notification of what the test results were via text message, so those in the need to know… know. Have multiple employees you’re scheduling for? RadonReports.net will automatically notify your technicians of a Job being assigned to them via text message.

  • Regular mail

Repeat business is the best business. EPA radon testing guideline recommend that a dwelling be re-tested every two years. That’s why we included the ability to easily query your previous test clients to show which are due for a follow-up test. RadonReports.net can export your previous client information directly to an Avery Template for easy printing of address labels. In no time RadonReports.net will be paying for its self!

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