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RadaonReports.net has the following main features

Secured Site

  • RadonReports.net is routinely tested and proved to be secure using 128 bit data encryption technology. Password protected account access and automatic sunsets on client level user accounts ensures maximum data protection Readmore

Workflow Dashboard

  • Our interactive Dashboard offers a one stop convenient workspace to manage your entire radon testing company. From the dashboard, the Admin user can easily navigate to the Calendar View, Monitor Management, Client Management, Sub-Administrator Management, Technician Management, General Reporting, Payroll, Document Manager, E-mail Template Manager, Report Template Manager, and the Internal Messaging Center. Readmore

Report Generation

  • At RadonReports.net we understand the time consuming task many professionals are undertaking, cutting and pasting monitor results, manually filling in client data and converting documents to PDF’s to create radon test reports. Readmore

Customized Job Packet Generation

  • RadonReports.net automatically generates a customized PDF “Job Packet” for each job you enter into the system. Never show up to a job under prepared or under informed again. Readmore

Integrated Scheduling Calendar

  • Every Job entered in to RadonReports.net is automatically entered on a secure color coded calendar. Easily sort and view individual Technicians calendars based off of color. Readmore

Quality Controls

  • No matter if you have three radon monitor or 300 monitors, keeping track of Calibrations and Cross Check and duplicate measurements has never been simpler. Readmore

Client Communications

  • We understand that in the world of providing professional radon measurement there are some steps that just cannot be missed. Pre-notification of required Closed Building Conditions is essential. Readmore

Technician Tracking

  • Protecting your employees has never been easier with automatic tracking of workers exposure to radon gas. Readmore

General Reporting

  • The general reporting feature built in RadonReports.net is a powerful search tool that allows the user to set customized search parameters. Readmore

State Submitting Reports

  • Tired of duplicate data entry, slow to load excel files, seemingly endless reporting task? Say goodbye to it all… Our system automatically generates the required state submitting files; it is easily exportable in CSV file format. Readmore

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