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  • 128 bit encryption – Comodo Secure
  • Tiered security Levels
    • Admin
    • Sub-Admin(s)
    • Technician(s)
    • User(s)
      • Radon Mitigaitors
      • Agents
      • Home Inspectors
      • Users
  • Password protected
    • Automatic lockout feature
    • Forgotten password request feature
  • End User License Agreement

RadonReports.net is routinely tested and proved to be secure using 128 bit data encryption technology. Password protected account access and automatic sunsets on client level user accounts ensures maximum data protection.

Have Multiple Employees? No problem! RadonReports.net allows for each Administrator account to create Sub-Administrator accounts with limited access to sensitive data areas such as payroll, administrative features, Technician account profile information and email template management. Technician level accounts can also be created further restricting an employee’s access from the sensitive monitor management area, report template management, limiting the sending of the radon test report.

The tiered security solution also means that Technician level users can only see job in the system that they have been assigned to.

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